Private Coaching

BTA Individual Coaching is designed for players of all ages and abilities to push your tennis to the next level. One on one time has proved to show improvements at a much faster rate and can be a vital tool for anyone looking to take their tennis more seriously and smash those individual goals!

Who will benefit from private coaching?

  • Children from as young as 4 through to adults
  • Players who show a passion to improve
  • Players looking to improve specific areas of their game
  • Players of all standards looking to push their game to the next level
  • Players who learn better individually rather than in groups

What’s included in private lessons?

  • Fun and enjoyable sessions, focusing on developing all areas of your game
  • Personal training programmes and goal setting to ensure you reach your goals
  • Specific technical sessions to ensure perfect technique
  • One on one goal setting meetings and tournament schedules
  • Constant communication with parents and players

How long are the sessions?

  • Three options available; half an hour, 45 minutes or 1 hour
  • Cost will vary depending on length of session and coach
  • Sessions are arranged at a time that suits you


LTA Level 4 Coach

07903 340117

£32.0 per hour


RPT National Master Professional / LTA Level 3 Coach

07852 209061

£32.0 per hour


LTA Level 3 Coach

07504 144324

£25.0 per hour


LTA Level 3 Coach

07498 723352

£23.0 per hour


LTA Level 2 Coach

07464 593882

£20.0 per hour